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Hot Sauce from Dublin

The Scarlet Chilli Co. is very loosely based around the principles as laid down by the great Willy Wonka himself, a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

So, putting our mad hats on we decided to dedicate our hot sauce to Dublin and make a product that could stand up to the big boys, could stop wars, mend hearts, and jazz up food like nothing else on the shelf.

We wanted to make something our ancestors would dig, an elixir so pure that it would sing in your mouth, and not blow your head off, just hot enough to leave your taste buds in the right place, so you could also enjoy the food you were eating, we spoke to Organic farmers, shop keepers, Chilli heads, steak houses, Vegetarians, and some guy called Jim in California who knew nothing about chillis but was great craic to talk to, you name it we researched it , cooked it , tasted it and then made it better, we sourced some of the finest spices and chillis on the planet that we could find then we added naturally smoked chillis, fresh fruit, fine Vinegars and loads of nothing else, cooked it blended it and forced it into a bottle so you could take it home or put it in your hand bag.

We don’t use fake fillers or nasty E numbers, non-GMO, Low Salt, Gluten free, vegan and tasty, we only use fresh Irish ingredients when in season and only use Irish food markets when out of season because we believe it’s the right way to put back into our community, so shake it to wake it. Mix it, Marinate it, Add it, Drink it, Smoke it, Grill it, Fry it, No rules just enjoy.